The Stage at the New Amsterdam Theater, home of Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins on Broadway!

The Stage at the New Amsterdam Theater, home of Disney and Cameron Mackintosh's Mary Poppins

I was born and raised in the wonderful city of New York… So nice they named it twice. Though I still am in school, trying to get that degree, Theatre and ultimately film is where I want, need and will be.  Acting, singing and dancing is what I love to do and I cannot see myself doing anything but that for very long.  I have a strong interest in marketing and advertising as well as graphic design.  I even write screenplays and stage musicals but being on the stage or in front of a camera is what I have to do!

So that I am constantly around the world I love I work merchandise for Mary Poppins on Broadway.  I’ve interned several times during my time in school in many areas of the Broadway community and have loved every minute of it.  With me, it’s all about finding out as much as possible about the industry behind the scenes, or curtain, and how it works before I actually go into it.  The more I know, for me, the better performer I can be.

In what little spare time I have I keep myself busy by having fun with friends, listening to music, watching reality TV (I know and I’m sorry) and making candles (extra money is good! related website coming soon).

For my Twitter page, click here.

I will upload my business and performance resumes once I teach myself how to use the blog more.  I’ma learnin’!!

Also, since I fully believe that Broadway can be a truly exhilarating experience for anyone, I will include links to different sites where you can buy tickets and even merchandise to different shows when I next get the opportunity to update this.

Well, that’s the general idea of L. Brandon Gloster, who I am, what I’m about and what I’m into.  My first blog, so I hope you enjoy!  Heeeeere we go!


2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Natalia Says:

    Brando, I love this website of yours!! Im your new fan.

  2. […] exterior photo is from New York Architecture Images. Photo of the stage is by Brando’s Stage Show. Photo of the mezzanine by Times Square, then and now. All other photos by Lynn Byrne  for Decor […]

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