So it has indeed been a while since my last posting…  Why?  Because last semester was the semester literally from hell.  9 days after the spring ’09 semester and my DreamWorks Theatricals internship ended, I started interning with the Nederlander Organization.  I was there from May-December working two full days a week and two half days.  I had my Disney job as well and from November-January I also worked merch for White Christmas.  3 jobs + full-time student = pneumonia and the flu… twice.  I was taking awful classes and spent more time commuting between campuses then I spent actually in class.  I needed to find a way to destress myself soooo I remembered back to the 3rd grade when we made candles for some service and began making candles for fun.  Then people started offering to pay me to make them candles and that is when Wic’ed Candles was born.

Now between my really good classes and just one job and no internship, I can relax and make candles at my leisure (or when people order them) and sing and dance and act and write without worrying about where I have to be and where.  From every negative experience comes a positive one I say and since last semester was so bad, it makes sense that this semester would be good.

Ahem… Anywho!  I’m excited to get back to blogging/tweeting/new media’ing as much as I can.  Writing reviews for shows and movies that I see as I can as well as keeping this blog up to date.  Others can do it, why can’t I, right?  Also, now that I have the time I’m trying to get back to performing and training so that come May when school is finally over, I can jump right into getting myself out there.  I’m excited for what this year may/can/will bring to my life.  It may be February but it’s never too late to start bettering yourself and reaching for your goals.  The sky is the limit!  No, the moon is the limit!  Anything can happen if you let it… (teehee)…  It’s time for a new year, a new me, a new time.  (insert Ragtime joke here).  Curtain up!